Exhibitor Agrees to the following:

  1. Exhibitor agrees to sell only what is specified above or agreed upon with promoters
  2. Exhibitor will be fully liable for all sales tax applicable to their sales at the show.
  3. The show promoters of the Weatherford Antique Fair will provide overnight security. However, in case of theft                                                                                                          at any time during the show the Exhibitor releases the show promoters and the Weatherford Antique Fair and                                                                                                          its assignees, show volunteers or workers from any liability due to due damage or theft.
  4. Exhibitor agrees to hold the Weatherford Antique Fair and its promoters harmless for injury or loss that may occur                                                                                                   to Exhibitor, their employees or their goods from any cause whatsoever while on the premises. The Exhibitor agrees                                                                                                to indemnify, defend and hold the Weatherford Antique Fair and its promoters, officers, directors, and employees harmless                                                                              from and against all liability with respect to claims, demands, liabilities, suits, and causes of action, losses and damaged                                                                          occurring due to participation at this event.
  5. Exhibitor understands the show will continue regardless of weather conditions.
  6. Exhibitor understands all monies received by promoter for booth space from Exhibitor are not refundable under any                                                                         circumstances.

Payment Options:

Paypal, Credit Card, or Mail Payment to: Mitzi North @ 9315 Old Springtown Rd, Springtown, Tx 76082

For more info or immediate response call Mitzi North @ (817) 680-7420 or email mitzinorth@verizon.net

Exhibitor Participation Agreement- May 20th & 21st, 2016

Name: ________________________________________________Address: _________________________________________________________________

Email Address: _____________________________________________________________Telephone: _________________________________________

Business Name: _____________________________________________Type of Merchandise you sell: _______________________________________

Signature: _________________________________________Date:___________________

Booth Rates: Check which one you will need

Interior Booths under Circus Tent:                       Outside Booth Spaces- No Tent Provided

11 x 15 - $250.00    __________                                12 x 20- $ 125.00 _________________

11 x 20 - $330.00    __________                                12 x 30- $ 175.00 _________________

Optional :  Electricity: $25.00 ______________ Tables: 6ft only: $10.00 __________